Kick-off for new network: Arctic Transport and Logistics

A newly held workshop has given serious rise to the development of international cooperation and the development of Arctic competencies. The network has a wide range of participants, but hope to recruit partners from the business sector.

The official kick-off workshop in the thematic network “Arctic Transport and logistic” (ATL) was held in February. Representatives from different organizations are coming together for joint research on issues related to logistics and transport. The members have knowledge in the field of economics, analytics of shipping traffic, humanitarian and sociological issues, technical solutions and mathematical capabilities for modeling process. This composition gives a good foundation to see real points of growth and strengthening of competencies for each organization. Such interaction creates great opportunities for cooperation between those who are interested in developing joint projects.

The meeting focused on a wide range of issues for joint research. The proposals will be structured in areas and competencies for further joint research. All information of the reports with presentations and videos of the participants will be posted on a web portal for the thematic network.

The network is part of the UArctic. The web portal will share reports publicly.
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