NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in September 2020

September is considered the most active month in terms of shipping on the NSR. September 2020 was not an exception: a total of 499 voyages were made, 225 vessels participated in the work. In all respects – both in comparison with September last year, and in comparison with the last month of this year – there is a significant increase in the number of ships (see graph below and graph on the map).

In general, the picture in terms of voyages in numbers remains mostly the same as in August, the only significant increase is observed only in traffic between the ports of the NSR. Also the largest number of transit voyages was made this month. 4 transits were made between Russian ports, 9 – from the ports of Europe and Canada to the east and 8 – in the opposite direction. The bulk of the transits this month were carried out by bulk carriers and general cargo vessels. Almost a quarter of September transits (5) belongs to the ships of COSCO company.

An interesting fact is that for the first time during the entire observations, in September, nuclear icebreakers were completely absent on the NSR routes: “50 let Pobedy worked high in the Arctic, and “Vaygach”, “Taimyr” and “Yamal” were in the port of Murmansk. The activity of non-nuclear icebreakers was also minimized: 2 river icebreakers operated in the directions from / to Siberian rivers, 2 diesel ones – in the Ob Bay and the Kara Sea (a total of 6 passages between the areas of ​​work), and the icebreaker “Moskva” made a transit repositioning from Arkhangelsk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

On September 18, new rules for navigation on the Norther Sea Route were approved. According to these rules, the water area of ​​the NSR is now divided into 28 regions. Depending on the types of ice conditions in a particular area, a vessel will receive an appropriate permit. See color fields and marks “NSR regions” on the map.

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