NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in August 2020

Traditionally, August is one of the first months of high shipping activity on the NSR during the summer navigation period. This is reflected in both the number of voyages and the number of ships – the indicators are significantly higher than in July. Thus, in August 2020, 448 voyages were made by 193 ships. Compared to August last year, the number of voyages is approximately at the same level, and the number of ships operating on the NSR this month has increased (see the chart on the map).

The greatest activity belongs to river-sea transportations, which even exceeds the number of voyages from and to popular ports / port points of the Ob Bay (Sabetta, Mys Kamennyy, Salmanovskoe field). Particular attention should be paid to the section named as “other” in the diagram about voyages under the projects on the map. Like the rest of the sections, this figure includes both destination and return passages. Most of them belong to the Northern Delivery project: these are general cargo ships and tankers. A considerable scope of work has been done by vessels that supply drilling rigs, research vessels, as well as specialized vessels (dredgers, hoppers).

It should be noted that there were few changes of operation areas of nuclear icebreakers. “Yamal” went to Murmansk at the beginning of the month, and “50 let Pobedy” headed high into the Arctic after the short work period in the Ob Bay. Two more river icebreakers operated in the Siberian rivers, the repositioning of other icebreakers were not registered this month.

With regard to transit traffic, there were 16 voyages in August 2020. 10 of them were from west to east and 6 – in the opposite direction. 5 transits were made between Russian ports. According to the vessel type, the transits were distributed as follows: 9 – general cargo, 4 – bulk carriers, 2 – fishing, 1 – nuclear container ship. By the way, the last one passed the NSR faster than other, “Sevmorput” took 5.9 days to overcome the water area of ​​the NSR from the Kara Gate to Cape Dezhnev. Half of the transit voyages belonged to non-Russian shipping companies (COSCO, United Heavy Lift, HAMMONIA Reederei, Oldendorff Carriers).

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