NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in January-February 2020

The trend towards an increase in freight traffic at the NSR continued with the beginning of 2020. The number of voyages completed in January-February 2020 increased by almost 15% in comparison with 2019 (311 and 269, respectively). More than half of the traffic in the first two months of 2020 relates to project “Yamal-LNG” and Arctic Gate terminal. Total of 24 tankers and 1 icebreaker participated in these works. It is worth noting that among the voyages, that are classified on the graph as “other” (see map), 45 were made by general cargo vessels. For comparison, there were only 9 transportations in 2019 in the same months. Below the directions of the NSR traffic in January and February 2020 are presented. Voyages made between Russian ports are highlighted in green color. The most popular directions are Murmansk – Mys Kamennyy, Mys Kamennyy – Murmansk, Sabetta – Zeebrugge, Zeebrugge – Sabetta and Dudinka – Murmansk. The table includes voyages that crossed the boundaries of the Northern Sea Route.

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