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CHNL is recruiting one student to write a master thesis as a part of ongoing projects. The granted amount is 25 000 NOK.

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The relevant programs are M.Sc. in Business at Nord university business School, with a thesis due date in May 2021. CHNLs Associate Professor Dr. Roberto Rivas Hermann will supervise the student receiving the grant.

Students who wants to apply for the grant must choose one of the following projects:

Project 1: Transshipment Hubs for Arctic Shipping”

The fellow will work in the project “Significance of Eurasian Arctic Transshipment Hubs for Arctic Shipping”. The project’s main research questions are “What makes a port an important Arctic transshipment hub?; and What is the socio-economic significance of Eurasian Arctic transshipment hubs for future development of shipping in the Arctic and in promoting regional and industrial development?

Transshipment hubs in the northern latitudes could add a new dimension to global trade and be a catalyst for increased regional and industrial development in the High North. Increased transshipment simplifies the transport network allowing it to deal with increased volume resulting in reduced shipping costs. Such hubs could provide cargo storage facilities and various port and industrial services for shipping in the Eurasian Arctic.

The fellow’s thesis can analyze literature of previous studies dealing with port development in the Arctic, and studies discussing the importance of large ports for regional socio-economic development. In addition, case studies can analyze the question “What makes a port an important transshipment hub?”, which involves issues of geographical position, trading networks, and resources.

Project 2: Container and Multi-Purpose Vessel Shipping in the Arctic

The master student will involve in the project “The development of Container and Multi-Purpose Vessel Shipping in the Arctic”. The Northern Sea Route is the shortest maritime route between Europe and East Asia, which can be used in order to save time. Despite the advantage, it is still not continuously used and broadly for container transit shipping due to various reasons. The project’s main research questions are “What will make a year-round container and general cargo shipping both technically and economically viable via the NSR between markets in NE Asia and NW Europe?”; and “What type of transport and logistics system needs to be built for that to be possible?”

There are several possible options of operational models for transit shipping along the NSR from shipowners’ perspective that were considered in previous CHNL research project. However, the more in-depth technical and economic assessments of each model are still needed.

The master thesis could analyze literature of previous studies dealing with assessing the economic viability of seasonal or year-round container vessels transit shipping via the NSR. In addition, the study could focus on “What factors for ocean freight forwarders and cargo owners influence on selecting container shipping lines?”. The mentioned questions are interesting to consider taking into account one or two main commodity groups of trade between Asia and Europe.

Application procedure
  • Application letter, indicating:
    – Which project (#1 or #2) you are interested to work on.
    – Which courses from you bachelor but specially master can be connected to the project.
    – Any other intellectual or personal interest to work on topics of transportation, business and high north which are relevant for the project.
  • CV
  • Grades obtained during your first two semester at the master program.

Email the documents above with the heading “Application CHNL master stipend 2021” to: Dr. Roberto Rivas Hermann,

Deadline is the 30th of November 2020. The selection process will be based on the criteria of motivation and grades. Selection and information of the outcome will be provided on the 10th of December.

For further information, please contact Roberto Rivas Hermann.

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