Dr. Roberto Rivas Hermann


Associate Professor and Researcher at CHNL in Bodo, Norway

Previous Position(s):

Postdoctoral researcher, Division of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Nord University Business School); Business development adviser (Kamca Forestal, Panama); Ph.D. research fellow (Aalborg University, Denmark); Research associate (Nitlapan Institute for Local Development; Nicaragua); Environmental Engineer (Environmental Protection and Control, Nicaragua)


PhD Degree in Planning and Development (Aalborg University, Denmark); M.Sc. in Environmental Studies (Joint European Master Aalborg University and Technical University of Hamburg, Harburg); Eng. in Environmental Quality (University of Central America, Nicaragua)

Research Interests:

Roberto has 10+ years professional and academic experience in socio-economical aspects linked to environmental protection. At CHNL Roberto carries out research on environmental planning, infrastructure and logistic development in the High North. He collaborates with the projects on transshipment hubs and Arctic ports. Overall, Roberto is interested in industry-wise strategies to reduce environmental impact from shipping – at level of the ship technology, through cleaner technologies and retrofit. At the level of the logistics system the impact of new logistic concepts and routes into the reduction of emission from international shipping.


(+47) 75 51 78 39